Our rooms are well suited for all kinds of events. Whether it is a wedding, baptism, confirmation, a birthday or any other event, we are ready to help you. Or maybe your company wants to invite its customers or staff to a delicious meal? Together with us you can invite your guests to a tasty meal in a comfortable environment. 

In addition to the mentioned menues, our gourmet cooks can also arrange a menu with three to seven courses.
If you have any questions or requests, please send an email to booking@hafnia.fo or call us on +298 309290

Banquet menu

The banquet menu has been made for minimum 10 people. Everybody has to choose the same menu. We need to receive the menu no later than 7 days in advance. Transport in Tórshavn costs from 200 DKK. If you have special requirements for diabetics, vegetarians or allergics please let us know.

Main course 325 DKK

2 courses 415 DKK

3 courses 495 DKK

Children up to 11 years pay half price.

The rental of the banqueting room will be added to the price.



Choose one course:

· Lobster soup with sour cream and herbal oil

· Brandada on salad with pickled red onion and croutons

·  Charcuterie

· Smoked faroese salmon with apple compote


Main courses

Choose one course:

· Lamb leg

· Fillet of beef

· Tenderloin

· Salmon

· Cod


Choose between different kinds of potatoes: 
Hazel baked potatoes, roasted potatoes turned in butter and herbs, roasted potatoes with thyme, creamy potatoes, mashed roots

Choose between different kinds of sauces:
Pepper sauce, lamb sauce, mushroom ​sauce, red wine sauce, fish sauce

Choose between different kinds of vegetables: 
Mixed green salad, fried vegetables, root vegetables, butter steamed vegetables



Choose one course:

· Rhubarb trifle

· Brownie with ice cream and wild berries

· Creme Brulee 

· Pannacotta with blueberry compote and crunch