Our venues adapt to all kinds of banquets. Is it a wedding, a baptism, a confirmation, or a birthday? Or do you want to offer your business associates or colleagues a better bite to eat? Together with us, you can offer your guests a delicious meal in a cozy atmosphere.

In addition to the menus mentioned below, our gourmet chefs can go the extra mile and create a menu with three to seven courses.

See options for table settings HERE.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact us at booking@hafnia.fo or call us at +298 31 32 33.


The menu is designed for a minimum of 10 people. All guests must choose the same menu. Please make your reservation at least 7 days in advance. Delivery to Tórshavn starts at 200 DKK. Special requests for diabetics, vegetarians, or allergies can also be accommodated.

Main Course 325 DKK

2 Courses 415 DKK

3 Courses 495 DKK

Children up to and including 11 years old pay half price.

Venue rental is in addition to the prices.



Choose 1 course:

· Shrimp cocktail with salad, mango, edamame beans, and dressing

· Cod with pickled horseradish, crispy capers, and dill sauce

· Serrano ham on salad with tapenade, roasted nuts, and balsamic glaze

· Lobster soup with saffron and herb oil

· Smoked salmon on salad with apple compote, herb mayonnaise, and roasted nuts

· Avocado cocktail with salad, mango, edamame beans, and vegan smoked mayonnaise (vegan)



Choose 1 course:

· Lamb shanks

· Beef tenderloin

· Pork loin

· Salmon

· Cod


Choose from various potatos:
Hasselback potatos, diced potatos sautéed in butter and herbs, diced potatos with thyme, roasted potatos, root vegetables

Choose from various sauces:
Pepper sauce, lamb sauce, mushroom sauce, red wine sauce, fish sauce

Choose from various vegetables:
Mixed green salad, steamed vegetables, root vegetables, butter-sautéed vegetable




Choose 1 course:

· Lemon tart with rhubarb compote, lemon curd, and meringue

· Rhubarb trifle

· Coffee crème brûlée

· Cheesecake with lime and blueberries

· Chocolate mousse made with tofu and berry compote (vegan)