Here you can for example order burgers from Café Kaspar, tapas from Restaurant Katrina and open sandwiches and stews from Restaurant Hafnia.

Open sandwiches

There are many different kinds to choose from:

· Egg and shrimps 55 DKK
· Fish fillet 55 DKK
· Chicken in curry 55 DKK
· Bread with salmon 58 DKK
· Liver paste 55 DKK
· Roastbeef 55 DKK

Order at least 20 sandwiches and max 3 kinds.

Please send your order to or call us on +298 313233. Order before 12:00 the day before. ​


Banquet menu

The banquet menu has been made for minimum 10 people. Everybody has to choose the same menu. We need to receive the menu no later than 7 days in advance. Transport in Tórshavn costs from 200 DKK. If you have special requirements for diabetics, vegetarians or allergics please let us know.

Main course 325 DKK

2 courses 415 DKK

3 courses 495 DKK

Children up to 11 years pay half price.

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Choose one course:

· Chicken stew with apple/curry sauce
· Stroganoff
· Bolognese
· Meatballs ín curry 
· Chili con carne

Choose between: Mashed potato, rice, spagetti, pasta screws or pastapenne whole grains

Extra: Mixed salad +25 DKK

Price per person: 115 DKK
Min. 30 people.

Please send your order to or call us on +298 313233. We need to have the order no later than 5 days prior to delivery.


Restaurant Katrina

Tapas platters and traditional Faroese lamb.

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Café Kaspar

In the menu you willl find a selection of light meals like club sandwic, bagels, burgers, salad etc.

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Lunch boxes

Hotel Hafnia can prepare a lunch box for you to take with you on excursions.

Please order no later than 48 hours in advance.

The lunch box consists of:

1 bagel
(chicken or salmon)
1 fruit
1 bottle of water
Something sweet

Per lunch box: 125 DKK

If you prefer something else in the lunch box, you are welcome to call us on +298 31 32 33 or write to